Past students share their experience with the Permanent Cosmetic Training Center of Northern California

“I can not recommend Missy at Permanent Cosmetics Training enough! The amount of information, one on one training and support she provides is worth every penny of your investment. 

What Missy provides for you is far more than other trainers with classrooms of students could ever give you.  Not only does she make sure that you understand each procedure thoroughly, she teaches you color theory, the importance of understanding skin types, different techniques and styles of application and provides sources for all of the products you will need for future clients. AND she provides you with 12-15 live models that you get to work on! That in itself is why I signed up.  So much training!

So much opportunity with Missy right there to show you proper techniques. She will also continue to mentor you for 6 months after you have your certificate. Missy is patient and professional.  She answers all of your questions. Missy and her training is simply amazing!”


“I had a wonderful experience at Permanent Cosmetic Training Center of Northern California. Missy went above and beyond my expectations of PMU training. The most important thing to me is her one-on-one training style, she will give you her undivided attention.

If you’re looking to make a career in the PMU industry I highly recommend Permanent Cosmetic Training Center of Northern California. Thanks to Missy I have a new skill with confidence to add to my career.”


“Theres something to be said about a permanent makeup artist that has 15 years of experience and is still humble, approachable, and down-to-earth. Unlike other PMU instructors who just train, Missy is still actively performing cosmetic tattooing procedures with her loyal client base and is very much up-to-date on the latest and newest techniques and methods of permanent makeup application. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced pmu tech looking for advanced training, look no further, Missy is the best!

Being a cosmetic tattooist myself, I was searching for an Advanced Trainer that would actually offer one-on-one training that could cater to my specific needs- Missy did just that and went beyond my expectations. Ladies, her 15 years of experience says a lot and can help you build on the skill set that you already have!

Missy offers a fully hands-on, apprentice-style training that is unlike anything else (and greatly lacking in the large class sizes that are popping up everywhere else.) I came all the way from LA to Santa Rosa to train with her and it was well worth the trip!!! So blessed to have met you Missy!”

Amanda S., Redondo Beach CA

“My experience was amazing!! Courtney is so talented and such a kind and thorough instructor. I felt the pace of the class was great. I didn’t feel rushed at all and I can’t wait to come back for more classes!


“I took Missy’s Permanent Cosmetics course. At only 4 days, I was initially terrified it wouldn’t be enough time to really grasp the art of the application. So glad my worries were put at ease just 2 days in. The course is 1 on 1… Missy is there each and every single step of the way, teaching and guiding you. She has an incredible teaching style, and is so clear and precise with her instructions.

Day 2 we took what we learned on day 1, and started applying it to models. These models are hand picked by Missy, and are so amazing, and accommodating to new students. She walks you through each and every procedure, guiding and coaching you along the way. The first day I was SO nervous, but through Missy’s instruction, and a beautiful end product, I gained confidence with each and every procedure, which is a big portion of the battle.

Unlike other courses, Missy really focuses the course on working on live models. Similar courses offer maybe 1-3 models, but here, you’re working on 10+!!! Getting this hands on experience is CRUCIAL!! I was able to experience the difference in many varieties of skin, which was a HUGE learning aid.

I left this course with not just a new career, but a new found passion. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor who guided me not only through each application, but she also touched on so many other aspects of the career. Marketing, legal issues, insurance, following up…Missy literally gives you ALL the tools you need to build a business from the ground up. It’s SO obvious she cares deeply, and has an infectious passion on the subject, that just can’t do anything other then inspire her students. This was quite LITERALLY the best investment I’ve yet to make in my life. Only regret is I wish I’d done it sooner! Thank you Missy for your amazing course, gentle guidance, wealth of knowledge, and still being there after the class is over for inspiration and mentorship. Life changing!!!”

Heather H., Point Reyes Station CA

“This review is for Missy’s permanent cosmetics training course. (Permanent Cosmetic Training a Center of Northern California) After doing some research, I decided to get my training by Missy, even though it was about an hour and a half drive from my home. I don’t regret my choice. She is extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She was very precise in her teaching. She taught me everything from start to finish. She explained the process and walked me through every possible scenario. She was willing to answer any questions I had and provided great reading material.

She gave me the tools to work with confidence. I was able to jump right in and work directly on clients because she was so detailed with her instruction. The most beneficial thing that makes her stand out from other training courses is that she provided me with numerous live models to work on. Most other programs ask you to bring your own models or you just work on practice skins all day. I was able to apply eyeliner, full lips, and eyebrows on real people!”

Kathryn S. , Oakland CA