Microblading Training

About Microblading

Microblading is an age-old technique that offers clients the most realistic, natural, hair stroke brows available today. Microblading simulates REAL HAIR in the most undetectable natural way. Unlike traditional tattoo methods, microblading uses a manual hand tool that requires no electricity, no wires, no vibration- just smooth, precise design and happy customers with realistic looking brows!

At Permanent Cosmetic Training Center of Northern California we offer a professional facility for microblade training. With one on one class sizes and an affordable tuition we are devoted to teaching our students the proper way to perform microblading.

  • Earn a Great Income
    Microblading is in high demand as clients are continually seeking more natural results. Zero downtime, no swelling and minimal skin trauma for the client means a happy client!
  • Low Start-Up Cost
    Unlike a traditional cosmetic tattooing machine that costs anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, microblading requires only disposable hand tools that range from a few cents to a few dollars at most.
  • Semi-Permanent Results
    Microblading lasts anywhere from 1-3 years, allow clients to change and modify their results and repeat customers for you, the technician!
  • Flexibility
    Microblading does not require an electrical outlet or wires- easy, manual hand tool can be done virtually anywhere.

Limited Time Offer!

Purchase both our Permanent Makeup Training Course and our Microblading Training Course at the same time for a total of $5,700, which is a savings of $500 off of the regular combined tuition!

Microblading Training CD & Manual

Our manual and video comes with each class!

Courtney Lucchesi

Courtney Lucchesi
Microblading Instructor and Artist
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What You Will Learn

  • Sanitization & Sterilization
  • History of Microblading & Introduction to the Hand tool
  • Skin Structure & Microblading
    Learn the fundamentals about skin structure, tattooing, and where the pigment needs to sit in the skin for optimal results. Learn the different skin types and how to assess them with your clients. How to assess the right depth for each micro bladed hair stroke for the best results.
  • PCTCNC Brow Mapping- Effortless Symmetrical Brows Every time
  • Hair Stroke Design and Layout
  • Live Model Demonstration
  • Needle Configurations and Offerings
  • Color Theory & Pigment Discussion
  • Contraindications & Aftercare
  • Students perform FULL procedure from start to finish on live model
  • Marketing Tips & Strategies
  • Starting Your Own Business

What To Expect

  • 2 day course
  • Students perform FULL procedure from start to finish on live model.
  • No cost for model application (models supplied by student or PCTCNC)
  • One on one class
  • Pre-requisites identical to Fundamental Class
  • Will receive certification upon completion
  • Continuous Mentorship

Tuition Cost


A $1,500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your training spot. This deposit is applied to the cost of tuition.
The balance of $1,500.00 is due 2 weeks prior to the start of class.

Any Permanent cosmetic tattooing and microblading applications are done exclusively under the scope of the Body Art Permit, Issued by the State of California, Sonoma County.

Any procedures including eyelash extentions are done exclusively within the scope of practice by a licensed Esthetician or Cometologist issued by the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Neither of these practices will be done simultaneously, separate appointments will be made if they fall under a different scope of practice.